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Welcome to Sea Tackle Sdn.Bhd. We are a company that specializes in bringing you breath-taking fishing equipments. Rods, reels, lures and more from great brands like Ofmer, Ryobi, Kewl, Eagle Claw and etc. Our first local created brand is Seaking and Ofmer. With our 50 years of experience in fishing tackle, 'Kewl' is our latest creation.

We are known as 'Sea Trading Company' where we started in October 1961 by our late founder Mr.Ng Kwee Chew @ Wong Teck. We were a sport and stationery company.With our founder interest in fishing,he converted the company to concentrate in distributing fishing tackle.

Going through business partnership and family-like unwavering bondings with other overseas manufacturers, 'Sea Trading Company' eventually changed into ''Sea Tackle Sdn Bhd'' in 1988 till it were as today. With business partnership and close bonding with renown overseas manufacturer, we have outgrown Sea Trading Company. Thus 'Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd' was born in 1988. Sea Tackle Sdn. Bhd is a veteran fishing tackle distributor in Malaysia. With our head office in the strategic warehouse location in Petaling Jaya, we are able to serve the Asean.

Our main objective is to provide our customers with the best service,quality and affordable product.
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